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Welcome to the new CrossFit West Plains website.

Workout of the Day


100 Dumbbell thrusters 35/20, 5 burpees at the top of each minute. 15 min time cap


20 min cap: 50 hang power snatch 75/55 25 hspu 50 pull ups Anytime you break, run 200m.  When done with those reps, amrap of burpee box jumps. Score is # of burpee box jumps


Five hero wods will be on the white board – pick one!  We will be open for normal hours on Friday 5 to 6:30 am 11 am to noon 4 to 6 pm We will be closed Saturday. Trainers will post in the group page if they plan to go in over the weekend. We wish everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July!

WP Endurance Workouts

Monday endurance 

Endurance Amrap in 25 DU’S Everytime you break DU’S for any reason you must complete one round of helen. Score is # of DU’S completed.

Wednesday endurance 

90 double unders 80 air squats 70 push ups 60 situps 50 calorie row 40 single arm overhead squats 35/20 (20 reps each leg) 30 handstand push-ups 20 dumbell thrusters 35/20 10 muscle ups – bar or ring (scale to 20 pull-ups and 10 ring dips)

Monday endurance

1 mile run 25 double unders 800m run 50 double unders 400m run 100 double unders 

Competition Workouts

Week 1, Saturday

Snatch from blocks – Max triple, then -10% for 3×2;  Clean & Jerk from blocks  -  Max 3+1, -10% for 3+1×2;  Clean DL with 5 sec eccentric  -  8 RM then -5 & 10% for 8

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