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Workout of the Day


Buy In: 400m Run/500m Row   WOD 10 minute clock 800m Run In remaining time complete as many reps as possible Thruster 105/75   Cash Out: 1 min max rep push ups 1 min max rep sit ups


Buy In: 10 wall climbers bear crawl down and back 50 Mt. Climbers WOD 10,9,8… Deadlifts 225/155 HSPU C2B Pull Ups Cash Out: Sally Up

Weds Endurance

5 Rounds 400m Run 15 Back Squats 95/65

WP Endurance Workouts

Friday Endurance

3 Rounds 800 Run 15 Walking planks 20 GHD Sit Ups 25 Walking lunges  

Monday Endurance

2000m row 25 kbs 50 box jumps 75 sit ups 1 mile run

Friday endurance

800m run 150 double unders 800m run 150 double unders 800m run

Strength Workout


Strength: Thursday Jerk – HS Power Clean – 75%x2, 78%x2, 80%x1x3 SLDL – 3×5 3 sets; no rest: 12 KB Swings 12 KB Side Bends (per side)

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